Popular Jewelry Myths Debunked

Popular Jewelry Myths Debunked

Everyone has heard things about jewelry like you should bite gold to check if it’s real and you can’t really tell if this is actually true or not. Well, it’s actually a myth and there are many others like it. The myth about gold comes from the fact that pure gold is soft and so it is possible to leave marks in it if you bite hard enough. However, lead is soft too and if you paint it with gold color it presents itself the same way.

Another myth is that diamonds can’t be broken, not without another diamond. But, in reality, diamonds can chip or crack if they’re not cared for properly. So don’t rely on this myth and take good care of your precious jewelry.

You know how if you want to buy a gold ring or necklace you have to choose which color you want it to be? Well, gold doesn’t have several colors. It can’t be yellow, white or rose, it can only be yellow. The other colors are created by mixing other compounds in with the pure gold.

Diamonds, however, come in a variety of colors. Their value, however, has nothing to do with that. The value of a diamond is given by a multitude of elements such as the cut, the clarity, the carat weight and the color.

Another myth about diamonds is the fact that they’re the rarest stone. Although some colored diamonds are extremely rare and hard to find, painite is actually the rarest gem of all.