Platinum blonde is still number one summer hair color

Platinum blonde is still number one summer hair color

Blonde hair colors are trendy. The good thing is that there is a special shade of blonde for any body with any skin tone, eye color and base hair tone. Hair colorists say that, to one platinum shadow to receive only a bleach and a toner. But to get mysterious undertones, you need the help of a hair professional. Adding some purple tones will create a cool and freezy look. Meanwhile, warm, peach-like undertones will look warm and soft. As you can see Platinum blond can be very versatile. In a word, the trends are for platinum blond hair colors 2017 summer worthy to think and try before it’s too late.

Actually, the wearing of platinum blond has two steps. The first is when you step straight out of the salon, and have full length shiny mane of a monochrome. But time is cruel and the water we take a shower with is even more cruel. It takes shine and shine. In addition, the roots tend to show up soon. Here you come to the second level of pouting, rooty platinum blonde. But it looks fantastic. In both cases, you have a profitable look for summer time.

Celebrity blond hair

Kim Kardashian platinum blonde hair colors
Kim Kardashian
Gwen Stefani--platinum blond hair colors
Gwen Stefani
Lady Gaga platinum blonde hair colors
Lady Gaga

There is a thin line between platinum and white blonde. The picture above shows Kim Kardashian, who, after receiving platinum, suddenly turned white-blond. Both shades look really good. It’s worth noting that platinum blond is a lifetime color for all celebrities. For example, Gwen Stefani has never changed another hue in her life. And we love her style with red lipstick and blond hair.

Celebrity Bob Cuts and Platinum Blonde Hair Colors 2017 Summer

Michelle Williams Platinum blonde hair colors
Michelle Williams

Kylie Jenner platinum blonde hair colors
Kylie Jenner
Jennifer Lawrence Platinum Blonde Hair Colors
Jennifer Lawrence

Platinum blonde hair colors 2017 summer will not make the trend all alone. The combination of Bob hairstyles with the goddess Venus hair colors will together make the most stylish and trendy look of the upcoming beach season.

Short haircuts for platinum hair

Cara Delevingne platinum blonde hair colors
Cara Delevingne
Kristen Stewart platinum blonde hair colors
Kristen Stewart

Actually, it’s all about short hair last season. For black women short Afro styles become the main trend. Bob hairstyles g on heart win all over the world. Now our advice is to combine two main trends and get the most sought after look.

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