Pimp Your Shoes And Get Ready To Party

Pimp Your Shoes And Get Ready To Party

Are you all ready to party but your shoes don’t really match your outfit? If you want to stand out and to really make an impression, all you have to do is give them a makeover. We have the perfect examples for you and they’ll all easy to make and very chic.

DIY  Neon Jimmy Choo’s.

For example, if you want to change the color of your shoes, here’s what you’ll need: a pair of strappy heels, white spray paint, neon spray paint, newspaper and tape. Cover the areas you don’t want to be painted with tape.

Then take a sheet of newspaper and use it to cover the inside of the sole. Start spray painting the shoes with white paint. Apply several coats, until it’s even. Then apply the neon shade. Let it dry overnight and you’re ready.{found on cheapchicobsession}.

Jewel Embellished Shoe.

If you want your shoes to sparkle, here’s an idea. The materials needed here are suede pumps, lace, sequins, beads, rhinestones, glue, a paintbrush, a needle and thread. Lay lace over the top of the shoe, and cut a pattern with room to spare.

Hand -stitch the sequins following the shape of the shoe. Fill in the spaces with buttons, beads and sequins. Glue the rhinestones in place. Then glue everything to the shoe and let it dry. Glue sequins onto the heel as well.{found on lovemaegan}.

Studded Ballet Slippers.

If you’re going for a delicate yet unique look, maybe you’d like having a pair of studded ballet slippers. Position each stud on the slipper and press it to leave an indentation. Then make small holes in the shoe in the places marked and insert the studs in the slits. You can create any pattern you want. It’s very simple and also very chic.{found on orangejuice}.


If you’re the type that likes color, maybe you’d like to have a pair of rainbow shoes. To make them look like this you’ll need glitter in several colors, tape, a paintbrush, paper, hairspray and cleaning wipes. Mark stripes on the shoe using tape. Cover the surface of the first strip with glitter bond and then sprinkle the first color of glitter. Remove the pieces of tape one by one and repeat the process.{found on swelldesigner}.

Extra spark.

The best part of a shoe is often the heel. But sometimes the heel needs a little extra spark in order to really stand out. Here’s how you can make bejeweled heeled shoes. You’ll need a pair of heeled shoes, large, medium and small rhinestones in different shapes, glue, tweezers and a toothpick. Take a rhinestone with the tweezers, dip it in glue and press it into the top of the center of the heel. Make any design you want.{found on honestlywtf}.