Picking An Outfit For This Year’s 4th Of July Celebration

Picking An Outfit For This Year’s 4th Of July Celebration

It’s fun to dress up on special holidays like the 4th of July and we’re not talking about costumes. You can show your patriotism in a more subtle way through your outfits. There’s always a stylish option, whether you’re spending the day home with friends, by the lake or however else you prefer.

You can feel comfortable and look stylish with a hint of American flavor by picking simple outfits featuring the patriotic red, white and blue.

But simply including these colors in your outfit is not exactly enough when you’re trying to be symbolic and to transmit a message. So maybe you can throw in some patterns as well. Try a red and white striped shirt or top and a pair of blue shorts and your message will get through in a subtle and chic way.

A really lovely option is also to add a few cute little stars to your outfit. Whether it’s a dress, something romantic or something sporty, this idea always works. And remember: you don’t have to drape yourself in an American flag to show your patriotism. Balance is key so find the right look for you and don’t forget to accessorize.

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