Personalize Your Keys With A DIY Key Fob

Personalize Your Keys With A DIY Key Fob

To avoid situations where you get to the office or somewhere else and realize you have someone else’s keys instead of your own just because they looked alike, it would be a good idea to consider using a key fob or a personalized keychain. You can even make your own.

Orchid key fob.

For example, this beautiful orchid key fob is easy to make and it also looks elegant. To make it, you need a pair of scissors, a pen and a leather strip. Fold the leather strip at one end and then fold the opposite end over and mark where the stud should be placed. Attach the stud and you’re done.{found on site}.

Simple DIY Key Fob.

For this model you need ribbon, cotton webbing, fabric glue, scissors, key fob hardware and pliers. Cut a strip of cotton webbing and one of ribbon and glue them together. Then sew a straight line on the edge of the ribbon. Fold it in half and sew the two ends together. Place the end inside the key fob and squeeze the sides together.{found on site}.

Leather key fob.

This is a leather key fob. To make it, first measure and cut the leather strip. Cut a tiny triangle off the bottom and poke a hole in the letter at the other end. Then you can personalize it by making tassels or by painting designs on the leather.{found on thebrightsideproject}.

Leather Cheichains.

For this particular project you’ll need leather of vinyl straps, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, fabric glue and a binder clip. Measure and cut out three triangles as shown in the instructions. Mark a line 3’’ from the ends on both sides of all the pieces and then cut to make the fringe. Stack 2 thinner pieces on top of each other and in the middle of the largest piece and fold one side over the other. Secure it with glue and clip. Then glue the thin piece across the fold.{found on designlovefest}.