Penelope Cruz Page Swept Curl Hair Tutorial

Penelope Cruz Page Swept Curl Hair Tutorial

Penelope Cruz page swept tutorial
This hairstyle is not hard to master at all. Let’s give you some great tips to create this great look with our Side Swept Curl Hair Tutorial.

The red carpets and movie premieres near the price show see a tremendous rise in celebrities who advocate the new hot trend of the “page swept curly hairstyle”. We are absolutely in love with the sexy Penelope Cruz on the Golden Globe Red Carpet. This sweet and romantic hairstyle looks good in every age. Little girls at weddings and brides themselves can opt for this beautiful look and make their special day even more spectacular.

1. things you need
Just like normal curls, you will need either a curling iron or hot rollers to get the soft curls that hang nicely on the side. In our Side Swept Curl Hair Tutorial, we use the curling iron for this purpose because we believe it provides the best result to achieve this elegant yet gorgeous look.


2. Share the hair
Carefully divide your hair on one side of the head. You can choose which page you think fits you best. For our Side Swept Curl Hair Tutorial, we’ve divided the hair of our model to the right, as we believe it will pay more attention to the photogenic left side of the face. You can use this idea to enhance a certain feature of your face like a beauty mole or even get an angle to focus on some special statement earrings, as these celebrities do.

3. Curls on top and sides
Start loosening your hair with the curling iron. You can turn the hair clockwise toward the neck and turn the curling iron to help the hair move. As you can see in our Side Swept Curl Hair Tutorial, start with the front layer and do not try to straighten the rolled ones as you go behind the ears to do the rest of your hair.
4. Comb the curls
Now that you have curled up all your hair strands, it is time to gently loosen the curls to give the final look a light Beachy effect. We slowly apply a wide-toothed comb in our Side Swept Curl Hair Tutorial to make sure that the curls are not crushed by excessive combing.

5. Puff and Twist
After combing the curls on the side of the head, use the same combing technique to slightly inflate the hair over the forehead. In this way you will ensure that the hair does not appear too tight and that it matches well with the rest of the relaxed effect we want to achieve with this Side Swept Curl Hair tutorial.

6. Twist and pin
To get the final look in our Side Swept Curl Hair Tutorial, we carefully turn the hair near the left ear starting from the hair part and continue to the neck. Make sure to secure your hair with some strong hairpins and try to overlap these pins so they will not lose after some time.

7. Braid with side-whipped curly hair
Another twist of this stylish hairstyle is adding a braid to the overall look. Instead of turning the hair on the side, as we showed in our Side Swept Curl Hair Tutorial, make a braid out of the left part of your hair. Start close to the scalp and stay on the neck. At the end, secure the braid with the help of hair clips or clips.

8. Set and spray
The last step in this Side Swept Curl Hair Tutorial to achieve the final look for your hair is to apply a hair spray to gently soothe the frizz. This spray also guarantees that your hair does not lose its curly shape.

9. Jazz it up
Although the hairstyle in our Side Swept Curl Hair tutorial looks good, there are a variety of methods to make it even more enticing. You can add beautiful flowers or pearls in your hair to spice things up. This will be spectacular on a bride for a great wedding hairstyle and can also be made for a prom night look.

We’ve given you so many ideas to create the coveted Penelope Cruz look in our Side Swept Curl Hair Tutorial. Why do not you try and invent your own variations for this classic hairdo.