One-room Apartment Featuring A Clever Combination Of Loft Bed And sofa

One-room Apartment Featuring A Clever Combination Of Loft Bed And sofa

Living on the top floor of a building is not ideal for some people but it does have its advantages. The views are definitely much more beautiful from up there, especially if there’s a balcony to enjoy them from.

However in the case of this apartment, the balcony is not the most charming element. The interior of this place I extremely bright and open. This is due to the colors and textures used throughout. The floors have a light color, the walls are white and so is most of the furniture.

The apartment has an open floor plan and the kitchen is the first space you encounter. Situated to the right in relation to the entrance, the kitchen is actually spacious. A small table which can also serve as a kitchen island then separates it from the rest of the apartment.

The wall opposite to the kitchen is complemented by two distinct areas. At the bottom there’s a sofa with a low coffee table and they form the living area. Above is the sleeping area and it’s basically a suspended bed.

The bed can be accessed via a staircase. Once you reach the upper portion you then see than there’s more than just the bed up there. There’s also a small work space with a tiny deck and a chair.

Most of the furniture in the apartment is white. This makes it less imposing, especially gives the fact that the walls are also white.

The kitchen is organized in such a way that it takes full advantage of every little space, even the corner.

The combination of living and sleeping spaces placed one on top of the other without dividing walls is not ideal when you’re entertaining but it works great if you’re living alone.

From up here you can see the whole room and everything that’s happening below. You can even take a peak outside and look out the windows or the balcony.