“Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside”… 15 Nautical Accessories You Must Have!

“Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside”… 15 Nautical Accessories You Must Have!

Nautical is a trend we fall in love with again and again every summer. Just picture yourself sailing the high seas and you will have no problem emulating this interior favourite. The great thing is; you don’t need a complete overhaul to go nautical. A few carefully selected accessories are more than enough to bring life on the sea into your home. Read on to discover the top 15 nautical accessories you must have if you wish to truly ignite this trend…

1) Compass Table Runner.

There is nothing sailors love more than dinner time – especially if they have caught some fresh grub from the sea! This table runner will have you saying ‘Ahoy!’ every time you sit down for a meal.Available for £17.85.

2) Welcome Aboard Life Ring.

Welcome everyone into your humble abode with this cool and quirky life ring wall adornment. It boasts the stylish navy and white strips which are a must for the nautical trend.Available for £24.95.

3) Nautical Hurricane Lamp.

Quirky lamps are highly stylish at the moment; thus not only can you be ensured that this lamp fits into the nautical trend but it is also in fashion too.Available for 36$.

4) Antique Wooden Anchor.

What nautical trend would be complete without an anchor? This one boasts a stunning old school vibe and looks great in any traditional home.Found on site.

5) Coastal Woven Throw .

You are going to need to have something to keep you warm when the nights get cold due to the windy sea air. Thankfully, this coastal woven throw will do the trick. Not only that, but it looks great too.Available for £95.00.

6) Brass Porthole Mirror.

This porthole mirror is unique and quirky. It is assured to be a statement piece in any room and generate a lot of attention.Found on site.

7) Fresh Oysters Bucket in Chalk.

Yum! Have you caught some fresh oysters? If so, then we definitely don’t recommend you store them in this bucket, yet we do advise using it for decorating purposes.Available here.

8) Classic Cruiser .

A few carefully placed accessories, such as this classic cruiser, can truly bring the feel of the high seas to life. After all, it is the finishing touches which make all the difference.Available for £151.00.

9) Wooden Ship Wheel Table.

Themed interior pieces always have double the impact when they have double the purpose. Not only does this ship wheel look beautiful but it also acts as a handy table too.Available for 170$.

10) Navy Blue Vintage Octopus Pillow.

The easiest way to implement the nautical trend is through the use of pillows and cushions. If you look online you will see a wealth of different options available. This octopus pillow stands out because it’s unlike all the rest and has a delightful vintage quality.Available on site.

11) Wooden Lighthouse Wall Plaque .

Wall art adds tons of character and captivation to any room. This Wooden Lighthouse Wall Plaque is no different.Available for 40$.

12) Turquoise Nautical Sea Shell.

There is an array of different sea shells and other intriguing beach finds available nowadays. Opt for something vibrant and colourful, such as this turquoise nautical sea shell. It will bring more excitement and energy to your room.Available on etsy.

13) New Haven Bronze Porthole Nautical Wall Clock.

This wall clock is the definition of nautical; it encompasses an array of different elements that play towards this trend. You have the porthole shape of the clock, the ship decoration and the fabulous vintage bronze finish.Available for 82$.

14) Blue Nautical Large Ottoman.

This ottoman is simply stunning. The light and intricate blue detail brings a depth of character which is undeniable. This will capture the attention of anyone who enters your living room or patio area.Available for 99$.

15) Lustrarte Lighting Leme Antique Green Chandelier.

And finally, it would only be right to end with one of the most unique nautical decor accessories. This chandelier is one of the most rare and unusual pieces you will find. It looks like an anchor, incorporates an image of a ship wheel, and has two beautiful rustic light shades hanging from each side. What’s not to love?Available for 1,300$.