Nail art – why should or shouldn’t you like this trend

Nail art – why should or shouldn’t you like this trend

These days it seems like everyone chooses some kind of nail art to stand out and to get more attention. It’s a trend that people go with and they like without even knowing why. Let’s be honest: has everyone ever stopped to think of the pros and cons of nail art before deciding whether they should like it or not? Well, we have, and here’s what we came up with.

First of all, you can’t deny that nail art is fun. It’s a great way of adding color and pattern to your nails and getting rid of the old boring neutral shades. Bold graphics are also a great way to express yourself. But all these little details and designs take time to make and this is definitely a disadvantage. Even if you’re not doing everything yourself and you’re just sitting in a chair waiting for someone else to do it, you still waste time.

Then there’s also a very interesting paradox. Everyone else seems to be doing this. This can either be a pro or a con. It’s ok if you want to blend in and if you don’t like your friends to say you don’t fit in their group just because your nails are different but what if you want to be different? Then it’s hard to do it when everyone else adopts the same trend. But, on the other hand, nail art gives you a wonderful opportunity to use your creativity and to come up with unique designs that nobody else has and this should make you stand out.

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