Mouthwatering Wedding Cakes That Bring Out Your Rustic Side

Mouthwatering Wedding Cakes That Bring Out Your Rustic Side

Sure, we all want our wedding cake to look perfect but the definition of perfect is not the same for everyone. Sometimes it’s not all about perfect, clean lines and neatly aligned tiers. For some, the perfect wedding cake is one that looks appetizing, like the ones you make at home and which look a bit messy but taste amazing. If that’s your preference, then you’d enjoy having rustic wedding cake.

Of course, not all rustic-inspired wedding cakes have that imperfect, clumsy look. They can also look impeccable and still capture the beauty of this style with their ornaments. So how about a cake covered with edible chamomile flowers or one decorate with lace?

Or perhaps you’d like your cake to resemble a wooden log and to be decorated with mushrooms. Instead of the usual bride and groom statuettes at the top you can have two cute little owls or two beetles.

If you want a fruity cake, pick one that’s decorated with fresh strawberries or other fruits mixed in with green leaves. Or perhaps flowers are more your style. But forget about the usual roses and get poppies instead.

Another really lovely and interesting option is to use succulents to decorate the cake. That’s sure to look unusual.