Modern Outdoor Accessories For Gardens And Patios

Modern Outdoor Accessories For Gardens And Patios

When decorating a house/private residence, you have to pay attention to both the interior and the exterior of the property. Even though we spend most of our time indoors, the outside area is just as important because it completes the house and its design. Outdoor decorations and accessories can range from fountains to sculptures, to topiaries and so on. If you prefer something that has a big visual impact as well as beauty and elegance, then maybe you can find some inspiration in these accessories. They are suitable for modern homes and can be placed in gardens, yards or patios.

These outdoors sculptures and the wall art are complementary to the exterior living area. The sculptures resemble spheres and they are very simple, metallic and have a nice glow. The three spheres have three wall paintings to compliment them so there’s also a nice symmetry here.

These rope ball sculptures have a very nice and interesting look. Their color and texture gives a very friendly allure while the shape and lack of other details gives them a modern appearance. The landscape allows them to beautifully showcase their minimalism.

This metal sculpture also integrates perfectly into the landscape and décor. It’s called Kismet and it’s a limited edition. The sculpture measures 74″ h x 24″ w and it’s a very artistic combination is copper pipes with flame holes.

Very graceful and elegant, this statue is arching back just like the chaise longues and the trees surrounding it. It has beautiful fine lines and delicate curves and a classical and chic look. It’s tall and sleek and complements the contemporary landscape perfectly.

These stone sculptures have abstract shapes and they work very well in this décor. Notice how elegant the reflecting pool is and how the water becomes a perfect accessory for the sculptures when it’s usually the other way around.