Making Winter Weddings Cozy With Knitted Accessories

Making Winter Weddings Cozy With Knitted Accessories

Winter weddings can be really dreamy, especially if there’s a lot of snow. But the low temperatures and the fact that it’s….well…winter, means things are not as cozy as they would be in other circumstances. Or are they? Knitted accessories create instant coziness and they’re your best friend so let’s see how they can be of use when planning a winter wedding.

Knitted votive covers are an excellent idea. Candles are already the type of accessory that creates a warm and romantic ambiance so you’d basically be enhancing that. You can also wrap large pillar candles in knitted covers for the same type of effect.

Similarly, you can make cozy knitted sweaters for the vases you can on displaying on the tables at the reception. They can provide you with the perfect opportunity to add your favorite accent color to the mix.

And just as well you can also make knitted covers for the bottles. Well, maybe not for all of them but perhaps for the ones that are displayed on the table at the beginning. Or maybe you want to offer them to your guests as favors.

A lot of things can be adapted to look cozy in knitted covers, even the cutlery. Instead of the usual napkin holders, you can opt for knitted sock-like holders if the wedding is in December when everyone is expecting Santa.

The wedding rings can sit on a knitted pillow.

You can also adapt your outfit to include knitted accessories. Perhaps you’d like to wear knitted gloves, have a knitted scarf around your neck to keep you warm or even a chic sweater that matches your dress.

Another cute and interesting idea is to have a bridal bouquet made with knitted flowers. They’d look super cute and it will also be an original idea that will surprise everyone.

And let’s not forget the groom. He can wear a knitted scarf or sweater too and you too can have matching outfits.