Makeup Tricks And Ideas For Brides With Freckles

Makeup Tricks And Ideas For Brides With Freckles

There’s really no point in trying to hide your freckles, especially not on your wedding day and now that freckles are back in vogue. The best thing you can do is embrace your unique look and highlight the features that make you special.

What we’re trying to say is that you shouldn’t cover up your freckles with heavy foundation. Not only that they won’t disappear completely but you won’t look natural and you won’t feel like yourself on this special day. Try instead some tinted moisturizer. It will give you an even and beautiful look without hiding the freckles.

Choose to make a statement. Define your cheekbones with some subtle bronzer or use a bit of pink-based blush along your cheeks to highlights those beautiful freckles. And since everything revolves around the lips (unless you’ve chosen to put the focus on your eyes) use coral lipstick to draw out the color of your freckles and to look natural and quirky. Of course, other bold shades would also work.

Now for the eyes. Don’t forget to define your brows and stay away from glitter because it will only make you look silly. And perhaps you’d like to try something different from your regular black eyeliner and try purple or even green. But don’t experiment on your wedding day so try this a week before. You don’t want any ugly surprises.

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