Makeup Tips That Will Make The Blue In Your Eyes Pop

Makeup Tips That Will Make The Blue In Your Eyes Pop

Nobody can say that blue eyes are not gorgeous. You can get lost in someone’s gorgeous blue eyes, that’s how magnificent they are. But they need a bit of them if they’re to stand out. It’s why we tried to find a few simple and smart makeup tips for those of you with blue eyes.

First of all, keep in mind that blue eyes don’t need a lot of eyeshadow color to look gorgeous. So try using sheer shadows or lighter colors to make your blue eyes pop. And speaking of colors, whatever you do just avoid blue shadows. If you insist on wearing blue, use a color that’s different from that of your eyes so the two shades contrast with each other.

You can enhance the beautiful blue color of your eyes by using warm eyeshadow hues. Since blue is a cold and calming shade, you can pair it with browns and earthy tones to get some really great results.

Or you can use purple to bring out the blue in your eyes. Purple is a sophisticated color, closely related to blue. At the same time, it has the advantage of being able to enhance your beautiful blue eyes without using either contrasts or similarities.

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