Makeup Tips And Tutorials For Brown Eyes

Makeup Tips And Tutorials For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are quite common and they’re not that special. Still, this doesn’t mean you have to be bland. Makeup is important and you need to know which colors and techniques to use in order to make your eyes look striking. Because brown is a warm, earthy color, you can feel free to use cold shades such as blue or green for your eyes. These colors complement each other nicely. Purple is also a beautiful color you can use on your eyes.

But contrast isn’t the only way to go. You can also complement brown eyes with other shades of brown or with black. A very elegant look can be achieved by choosing a chic and sleek cat eye in combination with grey and subtle brown shades. Pastel colors can be an option too although they’re a little more difficult to work with. You can also use neutral colors or light shades in combination with darker eyeliner.

One of the best options for brown eye makeup is a metallic tone. You can opt for bronze, gold or more cheerful colors to highlight your eyes. Brown eyes may be common and not that special but you can definitely make them stand out with the right makeup. Looking good is hard work but all you need is a good base of knowledge and some info and you’re good to go. Hopefully these tips and tutorials will help. You’ll learn more by exercising your skills and experimenting.

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