Makeup Tips And Ideas That Will Make Your Green Eyes Sparkle

Makeup Tips And Ideas That Will Make Your Green Eyes Sparkle

If you have green eyes than consider yourself lucky. You can pretty much opt for any color in terms of makeup. Green eyes offer you a lot of flexibility. You can either try something romantic or something dramatic. In either case, your eyes will look amazing.

The best eyeshadow color options for green eyes include tones or purple, violet, plum, bronze, beige, brown, silver but also green. So let’s see how you should use and pair these colors. Use darker tones such as deep purple, grey or black if you want your eyes to pop. Always use mascara to highlight your beautiful eyes.

But if you prefer something a bit more natural, opt for colors such as beige or brown. You can also use green but watch out because it’s a tricky color. Never use the same shade as your eyes. Always go with something either lighter or darker. And stay away from whites, blues and pastels. They don’t flatter green eyes and make them look bland and odd.

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