Makeup Removal Tips You Should Know

Makeup Removal Tips You Should Know

We spend a lot of time applying makeup and not nearly enough time removing it. It’s very important to have a proper cleansing routine. So let’s see what’s the best way of removing your makeup and protect your skin at the same time.

First of all, you should know that, although wipes can make things quicker and easier, they’re usually not enough. You need to insist a little bit if you want all the makeup to be gone and the skin to remain clean. The best way to remove eye makeup is to soak a couple of pads in remover and to hold and pat them into the eyes. This will soften and remove the makeup without harsh rubbing or pulling.

If you’re wearing a bright lip color, take care of that first. This way it won’t get smeared all over your face. After the eye and lip makeup are removed, take off the base. Then just apply toner or moisturizer. If you prefer a more natural approach, then are a few things you can try.

For example, make your own makeup remover. Mix honey and baking soda. It sounds a little strange, but it works and it also feels great on the skin.

To make it easier for you to remove the makeup, try using the power of steam. Fill up a basin of hot water and lean over it.

If you have dry skin, then use olive oil. It’s good for removing makeup and it also has a lot of softening agents.

Milk is also great for removing makeup. Pour a little bit of milk on a cotton ball and it will get rid of your eyeliner and mascara. It’s quick, easy and natural.