Makeup mistakes that can make you look older

Makeup mistakes that can make you look older

Looking young and fresh is something we all prefer but sometimes you can achieve the opposte if you make the wrong choices when it comes to makeup. It’s easy to make these mistakes if you’re not careful and usually this happens when you try too much.

One of the most common makeup mistakes women make is wearing too much bronzer. It’s understandable to want a flawless look but wearing bronzer across the whole face can make you look older.

Another big mistakes is making your eyebrows look too thin. Eyebrows tend to fade as we get older so don’t try to hurry the process. Don’t pluck your brows too thin and, if you do, correct the mistake with an angled brush and a powder.

Runny mascara also ages you so be careful. To avoid this, don’t apply mascara to your lower lashes. You can’t control your mascara but you can make sure you use a quality brand and that you apply it correctly.

Dark lips look thinner and this can also make you seem older. As you age, your lips become thinner so wearing dark lipstick would be like having thin eyebrows: you’d be intentionally making you seem older.

Be careful when you apply powder because this too can have an undesired effect. Having too much powder on your face can make your skin feel heavy and wrinkly. Try instead something lighter.