Make Your Own Jewelry. 5 Lovely Earring DIY Designs

Make Your Own Jewelry. 5 Lovely Earring DIY Designs

Handmade jewelry is easy to spot and it has become more and more popular over the past few years, especially since now it’s so easy to make it thanks to the multitude of colored decorations, beads and supplies you can find in the stores. Handmade earrings are a very nice way to stand out and to express your creativity. So here are five nice DIY projects you might like to try in your spare time.

To make these lovely amethyst earrings you’ll need some 22 gauge wire and 6 mm amethyst rondelles. Cut the wire into two 4’’ pieces and bend it in the center. Then add three amethysts onto the wire. Fold the wire and make a loop. Wrap one side around twice and cut the excess. The wrap the other side and you’re done. You can also choose another color if you want.{found on oheverythinghandmade}.

For these earrings, the supplies needed are pliers, wire, a jeweler’s hammer and jewelry jig. Cut 15’’ of wire and start wrapping it onto the jewelry jig. Then cut the wire at the dotted area. Straighten up the ear wire then give it a hammered look. The little flowers you see here can be replaced with anything else you like. This project only shows you how to make the ear wire.{found on oheverythinghandmade}.

These seashell earrings are very lovely and perfect for the summer. To make them you’ll need shells, gauge silver wire, jeweler’s pin vise fits and war wire. Start by drilling a hole into the shell and then slide it to the middle of your gauge wire. Bend the wire at the center, fold one end back and make a loop on the other end. Wrap the wire and cut off the excess. Enjoy your shell earrings and take a piece of the sea with you everywhere you go.{found on site}.

If you want something a little more fun and playful, these puzzle earrings would be just perfect. To make them you’ll need an acrylic sheet, parchment paper, a pencil pin vise fits, ear wire and a motive. First, glue or tape the motive onto the acrylic sheet. Then cut it out and file off the excess. Drill a hole onto the puzzle piece and connect it to the ear wire. It’s easy and fun at the same time.{found on site}.

These tassel earrings and chic and glamorous and they’re also easy to make. To supplies needed are 25 meters of bunka cors, 2 corrugates brass beads and 2 caps, 2 eye pins, 2 ear wires, pliers, scissors and wire clippers. Lay the strands flat and pull them up from the middle. Slip one of the 3’’ pieces under the middle of the bunch and tie a double knot. Then thread the eye pin through the bottom of the bead cap and put some glue on it. Insert the cord all the way into the bead cap and thread the bead onto it. Bend the eye pin and wrap it around. Thread the loop through the year wire and trim the tassel.{found on honestlywtf}.