Make Your Own Accessories – Easy DIY Headbands

Make Your Own Accessories – Easy DIY Headbands

Headbands are some of the simplest and most versatile accessories you can find or craft. They’ll complement pretty much any type of hairstyle and can be customized in numerous different ways. Whether you prefer something classy and simple, something casual or something a bit more glamorous, you’re sure to find the perfect design right here:

The rosette headband

Want something cute to complement your outfits and keep your hair looking great without a lot of effort? Make your own rosette headband. You can use ribbon scraps of different colors and a little bit of lace.

The studded headband

Or perhaps you’d prefer something a bit more classy but still bold and you. In that case, take a thin, simple headband and glue metal studs on it. You can pick any color you want and even make several headbands using this method.

Fabric flower headband

For the romantic and bohemian types, a fabric flower headband would be just right. Use scrap pieces of fabric and cut out petals, then craft the flowers. Gather them n a bunch and attach them to a think headband.

Braided headband

Or try a braided headband. It’s super easy to make and you can literary use any leftover pieces of fabric you can find. Cut them into strips and start braiding. Once it had the desired length, make a knot.

Vintage headband

How about something a bit vintage with some classy flair? You can use feathers to make an eye-catching accent piece and you can decorate it with studs and jewelry or colored rhinestones.

Ribbon headband

This is probably the easiest project of them all. All you need is ribbon of hour color and with a pattern or print of your choice and a piece of elastic. But the ribbon to size and then sew the elastic on both ends.