Macaron Recipes For Simple But Special Desserts

Macaron Recipes For Simple But Special Desserts

Valentine’s Day Macarons.

Stir together almond flour and sugar, mix in egg whites and red food coloring. Whip the egg whites. Bring water to a boil, remove it from the stove and pour in the sugar syrup mixture. Combine the meringue mixture with the red mixture. Then pipe heart shaped shells. Let them dry and bake them. Fill the macarons with cinnamon buttercream. {found on delectabledeliciousness}.

Chocolate Macarons.

Whisk the egg whites with sugar and add color powder. Then fold in half of the almost icing sugar mixture and the cocoa powder. Pipe the macarons on the baking tray, let the shells dry and bake them. Fill the macarons with peanut butter filling.{found on kitchenguardian}.

Halloween Macarons.

Separate the egg whites and refrigerate them. The night before making the macarons, set them on the counter so they reach room temperature. Mix together almond flour, powdered sugar and vanilla and add cocoa powder or food coloring, depending on the type of macarons you want to make. Whisk the egg whites, add sugar and then add the whites to the flour. Pipe macarons on the baking sheet, let the batter rest and bake then bake it. Use pretzel sticks and chocolate to make spider macarons.{found on kevinandamanda}.

Almond Macarons.

Mix together the almond paste and sugar and then add the egg whites. Put the batter in a pastry bag and pipe in in small mounds onto sheet pans. Bake the cookies, let the cool and fill them with Nutella.{found on browneyedbaker}.

Hazelnut Macarons.

Grind the almonds, toasted hazelnuts and sugar. Whip the egg whites to get a foam and gradually add sugar to get the meringue. Add the dry mixture to the meringue. Put the batter in a pastry bag and pipe the macarons. Let them sit for 30 minutes and then bake them. Let them cool, then spread ganache onto one macaron shell and sandwich with another.{found on playingwithflour}.

Salted peanut and caramel Macarons.

Grind the almonds and icing sugar together and sieve the mix. Beat the egg whites and sugar and combine with the almond flour mix. Pipe the batter and sprinkle on chopped roast peanuts. Bake the shells and make the filling.{found on scrumptioussally}.

Vanilla bean Macarons.

Combine almond flour with powdered sugar and vanilla seeds. Whip the egg whites and add in some sugar. Pour in half of the almond flour mix into the meringue, stir and add the rest. Put the batter in a pastry bag, pipe the cookies and let them sit for a while. Bake the macarons and make the filling you like.{found on stacyable}.