Let Your Windows Revamp Your Home

Let Your Windows Revamp Your Home

Windows are important parts of a room – not only do they let the natural light in but they can also be a fashionable accessory. Here are some easy tips to boost your windows’ appearance.

Look Out!

Windows should be strategically placed in order to achieve more than simply letting in some light. Make sure that you have windows in spots where the view outside is most beautiful. In this way, when you have the windows open or curtain-free, they will reveal something lovely to look at.

Create a Seating Area.

Window seats don’t have to take up half a room – create a smaller version of this comfortable, delightful idea by taking advantage of a lone window that could do with some livening up. A window seat helps to make the window a focal point in a room.

Paint around Window Borders.

You can design around the borders of a window frame, so think creatively! Paintwork can be a great way to highlight the windows and bring some color to the room. This is especially a good trick if you don’t like your window frames and want to inject a bit of décor to them on a budget.

Choose Sheer Curtains.

Choose curtains that are sheer and semi-transparent. They look stylish and provide more light in the room. When using a sheer curtain with a shade of color to it, this makes the room appear brighter. It’s an easy way to bring color to the room without having to commit to drapes that often neglect to bring in enough light.

Another idea is to place sheer curtains under regular curtains. When the regular curtains are pulled open, the sheer ones will show. This creates a more elegant and dramatic feeling, plus it oozes warmth during the colder months by sealing out the cold.

Hang Art Over Windows.

The last thing you might want to do is cover up your windows, but if you do this correctly you will be able to reap the benefits. A screen for your windows that contains a design on it is a great way to turn your windows into something artistic. Keep the design and material of the screen light so that it is not too overpowering.