Layered Patterns: A Trend for the Brave

Layered Patterns: A Trend for the Brave

There are those who like to be matchy-matchy and then there are those who like to throw anything together. This trend is certainly for people who fall into the latter category. Rules are made to be broken. You may think a floral rug would look out of place in a room containing an animal print throw – but who says the two can’t go together? Layered patterns can work really well, and if you are someone who considers themselves brave and bold, then you will love this interior design trend.

Nonetheless, we’re certainly not advising you to put together the style of your room with little consideration. There is a method to working this trend effectively. You need to bear in mind a few key points.

Firstly, it is good to have one element that unifies the two furniture pieces together. Let’s use the previous example. Let’s say the animal print throw is of a leopard pattern. Then it is a good idea for there to also be some brown in the floral rug too. This colour will tie the two together.

Nevertheless, the unifying factor does not have to be as obvious as colour, sometimes it can merely relate to the vibe of the pieces. For instance, they may both have a retro edge to them.

Furthermore, if you are going to use lots of patterns then you need to keep the room minimal in terms of the number of furniture pieces and organisation. Clutter and patterns combined is a recipe for disaster. This takes away from the style of the room and makes it look messy instead. There is a fine line when using various patterns together. Clutter crosses this line.

And finally, it’s not a competition. Your patterns aren’t competing for the most attention. Just because this is a bold trend does not mean you can’t use subtle prints. It is also recommended to go for one item containing a large print and then use smaller prints to complement it.

The most important thing to remember when emulating this trend is that just because you are incorporating several prints it does not mean you need to think big with everything that you do. Don’t try and incorporate as much as possible into the room. Don’t try and utilise lots of big prints. Remember this and you will achieve this bold and brave trend beautifully.