Lady Gaga’s Surprisingly Classical Bag Collection

Lady Gaga’s Surprisingly Classical Bag Collection

When you’re a celebrity you can’t just show up in public wearing non-designer clothes or accessories unless you do it on purpose to make a point after which you get back to your favorite designer for some more expensive creations. Of course, if you’re Lady Gaga you just have to impress or people will be disappointed. We’re all used to her unconventional choices in clothing, makeup and hairstyle but what do we really know about her accessories, such as her collection of handbags.

Well, if we start to analyze her a little, we’ll see that she makes some quite unexpected choices. For example, she’s been seen wearing simple and classical handbags from Versace or Chanel. Her handbag choices aren’t as weird and unusual as her clothing, her shoes or her makeup but then again, what could possibly look extravagant on a person like Lady Gaga?

There was a period when Lady Gaga used to carry a teacup and saucer instead of a bag and that was really strange but then she returned to her favorite designers. She seems to really love Chanel because she has tons of Chanel outfits accessorized with handbags from the same designer. She also seems to have a thing for dressing head-to-toe in a single designer. I guess it’s easier this way, when you know everything you wear that day matches perfectly because that’s how it was designed, not that matching things is her style but well, you never know with what she’ll surprise you next.

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