Ladies Most Popular Most Popular Medium Length Bob Hairstyles

Ladies Most Popular Most Popular Medium Length Bob Hairstyles

Medium long hairstyles are one of the biggest hair trends of the last years. So here we have the best pictures of collected Ladies Most Popular Most Popular Medium Length Bob Hairstyles you will love that too!

1. Anna Sophia Robb

This sweet blonde long bob hairstyle side is split and one side is pinned with a hair clip.

Medium Bob Hairstyles

2nd Medium Length Blonde Bob

Medium long hairstyles are very popular with young women who do not want to go short.

Bob medium length

3. Dark brown middle bob

This long bob hair with beautiful honey blonde highlights and choppy layers definitely looks stylish and modern.

Middle bob

4. Jennifer Aniston Bob Haircut

If you have straight hair Jennifer Anistons Layered long Bob would be an excellent choice!

Medium Bob Haircuts

5. Bronde hair

Bronde Hair color is very popular and looks very natural and stylish on medium length hairstyles.

Bob's middle length

6. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s multi-layered mid-length hairstyle is perfect for women of all ages with a medium complexion.

Mid-length Bob-6

7. Katie Holmes Long Bob

Layered mid-length hairstyle with wispy bangs by Katie Holmes definitely a great option for older ladies.

Mid-length Bob-7

8. Long Bob for a round face

Here is a beautiful long bob hairstyle with side bangs for girls with round faces.

Mid-length Bob-8

9. Side Swept Bangs

Side sweeping pony with medium length hairstyles are good for some amount of face shapes.

Mid-Length Bob-9

10. Drew Barrymore hair

Here’s a glamorous bob hairstyle with a big volume and a blond hair color that can be worn for special occasions.

Mid-length Bob-10

11. Shoulder-length layered hair

Layered shoulder-length hairstyles are perfect for women with round faces.

Mid-length Bob-11

12. Curly Layered Hairstyle

Curly Bob Hairstyles are trendy lately and they are so versatile that they can be worn by any woman.

Mid-length Bob-12

13. Women over 50

If you’re women over 50 and looking for new hairstyles to update your look here, a good example is:

Mid-Length Bob-13

14. Medium length hairstyle

Medium length hairstyles are perfect for mature ladies with thin and straight hair.

Mid-length Bob-14

15. Layered Bob

Mid-Length Bob-15

16. Red dyed hair

Mid-length Bob-16

17. Hair with bangs

Mid-length Bob-17

18. Medium long hairstyle

Mid-length Bob-18

19th shoulder length

Mid-length Bob-19

20. Straight Bob

Blond long Bob hairstyles effortlessly look really modern and stylish.

Mid-length Bob-20