Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston hot new hairstyle 2011

While “Friends” Star enjoys her life with her latest love Justin Theroux and a new Bobsleigh Bob and dramatically blond Locks, we decided to take a look at the most famous Jennifer throwing Aniston hairstyles over the years.

Jennifer Aniston Natural Hair 1990

In 1990, natural brunette Jennifer got her first TV roles in “Molloy”. She had beautiful and healthy long hair that we all wanted.

Jennifer Aniston iconic

One year after she won her breakthrough role in “Friends” when Rachel Green won in 1995, the world fell in love with multi The Jennifer Aniston hairstyle, which made her world-famous star and her “Rachel” hairstyle, became iconic and imitated worldwide ,

Jennifer Aniston Dreads Hairstyle

In 1999, Jen took a big fashion risk and sampled fake dreads for the annual Emmy Awards. But who cares about the hairstyle if you have Brad Pitt on your arm as a friend!

Jennifer Aniston wavy bob

Tired of lengthy locks, “Friends” Sternschnitt deprived her famous look in the year 2000 a short and shiny Bob. “She wanted to have something else,” said her stylist at the time about Aniston’s hairstyle.

Jennifer Aniston Signature Hairstyle

In 2003, Aniston returned to her classic hairstyles – sun-drenched layers with honey highlights, a stunning combination of Jen.

Jennifer Aniston Wavy fringe hairstyle

Jen continued her hair experiments in 2004, coloring her trademark locks in a darker tone and getting a pony. She dressed undulating next to the Golden Globes this year.

Jennifer Aniston Sleek Hairstyle

In 2005 Aniston stole the spotlight with her pin-smooth hair at the premiere of “Rumor Has It …” The elegant and classy appearance.

Jennifer Aniston Curly Hairstyle

Jennifer showed off her natural hair texture – soft waves in 2008 on the set of Marley & Me. Her long curls beautifully accentuated her sea blue eyes.

Jennifer Aniston braided hairstyle at Oscar

In 2009, Jen rocked the Oscar with a trendy braided hairstyle, glowing skin and natural make-up. That was just an Oscar-winning look from Mrs. Aniston.