Inviting Apartment In Jaffa Featuring A Vintage Décor With Modern Touches

Inviting Apartment In Jaffa Featuring A Vintage Décor With Modern Touches

There are lots of interesting things about this apartment but, before we start enumerating them, let’s have a look at the space in its entirety. First of all, you’re probably curious where we found this apartment. It’s situated in Jaffa, Israel. The interior design is intriguing and it was a project by Vered Bonfiglioli.

What’s interesting about this place is the combination of styles. As you can see, there are obvious vintage details that give the apartment an unmistakeable charm and flair but, overall, the space is modern.

The color palette chosen for the apartment is simple and it includes shades of blue and yellow used as accent color and as a way to pay tribute to the colors of Jaffa. You can find this combination of colors is almost every room.

All the rooms are interconnected and the living area is the focal point of the apartment. It’s a bright and open space with white walls, dark wood floor and a very lovely side table/storage cabinet in the corner, featuring the blue and yellow accents we were talking about.

The kitchen remains hidden behind a dividing wall. Blue and white are the colors chosen for the kitchen and they create a serene and pleasant atmosphere. The chalkboard walls are both practical and fun to have, especially in the kitchen as you can easily write down lists, recipes, notes, etc. Here the kids also use them for they enjoy doodling and personalizing the décor.{found on freshome