Inspiring Ways To Use Driftwood In Your Wedding Décor

Inspiring Ways To Use Driftwood In Your Wedding Décor

Planning a beach wedding? Then you absolutely must include driftwood in your wedding décor. It’s such a lovely feature and it can be used in so many interesting ways and this makes the design and décor possibilities basically endless.

One of our favorite ideas includes the use of driftwood, succulents and candles to create one-of-a-kind centerpieces for the tables. You can mix and match these elements however you want. You can also use sculptural pieces of driftwood and decorate then with fresh flowers.

And there are also tons of other ways in which you can include driftwood in your wedding décor without necessarily using it for the centerpieces. For example, you can make driftwood candle holders for the tables and even light fixtures using sculptural branches and fairy lights.

You can put the large pieces aside and make a romantic archway. Decorate it with flowers, starfish, shells and other features. It would look mirifical on the beach, with the ocean or the sea behind it. The smaller pieces can become place numbers and other accessories.

You can also incorporate the driftwood theme throughout your wedding in all sorts of other interesting ways. Even the cake can follow the same theme.