Inspiring Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Inspiring Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Having trouble figuring out what to offer your loved one this Valentine’s Day? It’s ok, it happens to me every year. I always say I’ll pay attention next year and come up with an idea before next Valentine’s Day and I always forget and have to search the internet for ideas with a few days to spare. The internet offers lots of interesting ideas so let’s take a look at some of them.

You could make a cute case for your Valentine’s favorite beer. It’s easy. Just wrap scrapbook paper around a cardboard case.

Speaking of beer, you could also make customized labels for the bottles and let your loved one discover the messages one by one.

How about a hear wall lamp? It’s not the most masculine thing I could think of but it’s cute, romantic and actually also useful. It will remind your Valentine that you love him every time he turns on the light.

Another practical gift can be a Kindle case. Use leftover fabric and a button. Perhaps it would be best to use his favorite color too.

A neck-warmer is another nice idea for a gift. It’s still cold outside on Valentine’s Day so don’t let your Valentine catch a cold. You can also hide a tiny heart on the inside to remind him you love him.

Not every gift has to be very elaborate. Try something simple and creative. For example, make a hear out of sticky notes on his desk. It’s a cute and romantic gesture.

If you’re good at writing romantic messages, find an interesting way to do that. For example, write something on a long strip of fabric and wrap it around a spool. Use can also use ribbon.

A mustache mug is a fun and also practical gift. He’ll definitely enjoy the morning coffee more when he’ll have this mug to brighten up his day.

Nothing beats a sweet treat. Of course, it’s even better if you make the treats yourself. Bake some cookies or something delicious and put it in a jar. Make a nice tag and you have a gift.

These mustache wrappers are also fun. It’s nice to add a fun touch to your gift. Not everything has to be serious. After all, this is the day to be playful.

Hide a romantic message on a scrabble coaster. This way you’ll subtly get your loved one to use coasters on the furniture and he won’t even notice it.




If you can’t find scrabble pieces, try a different idea. For example, make map coasters. Use actual maps which you cut to size and glue onto coasters. Then apply a layer of sealant.

A perfect Valentine’s Day starts with a tasty cup of coffee. And what better way to enjoy it than in a personalized mug… Use chalkboard paint on a simple mug and then feel free to personalize it with messages and drawings.

If he’s the sophisticated type, maybe he would love a monogrammed velvet ribbon which you can use for a photo album or a notebook.

A tie is a nice gift idea but not so original. But if you give the tie a makeover, then the whole thing changes. However, don’t use his favorite tie for this project…

Let him discover just how much you love him by solving a crossword puzzle. Use it to wrap the gift and he’ll have fun solving it and trying to discover what’s inside the box.

Why give him just one or two reasons to adore you when you can give him 52? Take a pack of cards and personalize each one with a message, a symbol or anything else you can think of.

If your Valentine likes to read, take notes and to go to the library, then a journal with a special front pocket for the library card would make a wonderful gift.