Impact Hub’s Prague Office Is a Generous Space With Bright Pops Of Color

Impact Hub’s Prague Office Is a Generous Space With Bright Pops Of Color

The Impact Hub is a global co-working network with hubs all over the globe. The very first one was the London Hub created in 2005. There are now around 50 Hubs across the globe. This one is located in Prague, in the Czech Republic. It’s a bright and beautiful office with an open and inviting interior.

The Prague Hub was created in the summer of 2010 and the space has been expanded twice since then. There are not around 400 members here so the office had to be big and spacious. Moreover, lots of clients also use the facilities for conferences, workshops and other activities. Hundreds of people attend the events every month.

This office space was designed by Radek Lampa. As you can see, it feels very open and bright. The white walls and the overall minimalist style chosen for the interior design contribute to the beauty of the office. The main color palette is simple and neutral, including shades of white, gray and natural wood.

But there are also colorful elements and they’re all bold and eye-catching. It’s this balanced combination which makes the overall design feel very cohesive despite the strong contrasts. Also, the bold and vibrant accent colors also make the environment feel more dynamic and fun and give it a modern look.

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