How To Wear Your Boyfriend’s Jeans And Look Sexy

How To Wear Your Boyfriend’s Jeans And Look Sexy

Surely you must have thought about this at least once. How would your boyfriend’s jeans look on you? They wouldn’t be a perfect fit but it would be an interesting thing to try. Well, try them on and see for yourself how they’ll completely transform.

Wear the jeans with a pair of heels to diminish their masculinity. Roll them up a bit to expose your sexy ankles. If they’re not too baggy, they’ll actually look chic.

Pair the jeans with a girly top. You’ll create a contrast and it will be an appealing combo.

Or try a casual look. Wear the jeans with a simple, sporty top and with your flat sandals. Let your beautiful curls complete the look. And don’t forget the accessories. A pair of sunglasses and a chic bracelet should be the right choices.

You can emphasize the masculine vibe by pairing the jeans with a shirt, also belonging to your boyfriend. Surely, he won’t mind, given how sexy you’ll look. Roll up the sleeves and unbutton the shirt a little bit.

You can also look classy while wearing your boyfriend’s jeans if you add an elegant jacket, a chic scarf and your favorite classic heels.

A leather jacket would also look great and, depending on the look you prefer, you can either try a sporty or a chic approach

Ripped jeans are popular again and they look really sexy. Pair them with a gorgeous pair of heels or with some comfy sneakers and a simple blouse or shirt.