How to Use Proportion in Home Décor

How to Use Proportion in Home Décor

Equally as important as choosing stylish pieces for your room is knowing what sizes they should be. Here are some guidelines to working with proportion to make the most of your space and create a stunning effect.

Match Sizes of Items.

When some pieces of furniture are the same size, it creates balance in the room which also has a calming effect on people who are in it. Not all of your items should be the exact size, of course, but a few main pieces do the job nicely.

Use an Oversized Item.

Sometimes you want something in the room to be a different size to everything else. This draws attention to it and can serve to highlight something that has importance. If you are going to use this décor method, always make sure the large item of art or furniture is striking enough to merit attention.

The Golden Ratio.

There is a method that designers sometimes use that enables better use of proportion. It is called the Golden Ratio and, when simplified, it can also be referred to the rule of thirds. Basically, it means that if you divide an image into thirds, making sure to do this both horizontally and vertically, you will end up with nine grids or boxes. The places where the lines on these grids cross each other are considered the ideal placements for points of interest. People who see the image are more likely to notice the things placed near the points. Consider this when you choose art or cabinets so that they make the most impact.

Focus on Shape.

If you bring a shape into the room more than once this can create a sense of proportion. For instance, a round dining room table that matches the round fixture on the ceiling creates a sense of completeness and fullness in the room.

Bring Your Patterns into Proportion.

As you know, patterns don’t have to match. Sometimes having ones that contrast when it comes to size can bring an interesting element to a room. As can be seen in the above picture, the chairs, cushions, and sofa all have different types of patterns on them. The contrast is effective because the size of the patterns on the chairs varies from the size of the sofa’s pattern. Again, here we also see the importance of furniture placement: the chairs are mirror images of each other and also almost in line with the curtains behind them.