How To Rock A Red Sweater This Winter

How To Rock A Red Sweater This Winter

Red is a powerful and influential color but incorporating it into your wardrobe is not that easy. There are lots of great hues to take into consideration and lots of different ways in which you can use them but today we’ll focus on one thing only: red sweaters.

First of all, is red the right color for you? Keep in mind that it calls a lot of attention and focus so if you’re trying to go unnoticed consider something less striking. But if you enjoy the spotlight, then red is definitely the color for you. So a red sweater or sweater dress can be your favorite piece of clothing this winter.

There are several different shades of red to choose from. The most basic distinction is between warm and cool reds. The warm red has more yellow in it while the cool red has more blue in it. If you’re the type of person that looks better in warm colors, then you should wear warm red and vice versa.

Then there’s also the question of how much red should a person wear. Since a red sweater is or a sweater dress will be your main piece of clothing, you should avoid complementing it with other red accessories. Try something contrasting, such as black. Red also looks glamorous when combined with golden accents so keep that in mind when choosing your accessories or jewelry. You can also pair a red sweater with neutral elements such as a beige scarf or hat.

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