How To Pick Your Work Outfits This Summer

How To Pick Your Work Outfits This Summer

As the sun shines bright on the sky we find ourselves in a hurry to get rid of the dark, cozy outfits we wore all winter and even of the chic scarves we used as accessories all spring in favor of colorful, breezy summer outfits outfits. It’s time for a complete wardrobe change and this also includes the work outfits. So how can we dress at the office this summer and look both professional and comfortable?

Well, first of all, try to add some color to your work outfits. Just because you’re working in an office doesn’t mean you have to look very sober all the time. Perhaps you can mix a pencil skirt and a brightly-colored top or maybe you prefer something more casual like a breezy summer dress.

Skirts are definitely a must-have when it comes to summer work outfits but shorts are also an option. So if they’re allowed at your workplace, go for it. You can wear shorts with summer shirts and platform shoes or, in a more casual setting, with more sporty accessories.

It’s also ok to opt for monochromatic outfits. A pair of white jeans, for example, can be really versatile. The options are numerous and the key is finding the balance between professionalism, comfort and your own personal touch.

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