How To Paint Your Shoes And Personalize Them To Your Liking

How To Paint Your Shoes And Personalize Them To Your Liking

Finding a pair of shoes that perfectly reflects your personality can be very difficult. But you’ll be happy to know that there’s also another option. Instead of hoping that someone else has the same taste in shoes as you and has designed the pair you’re looking for, you can try taking matters into your own hands. Here’s how you can paint your shoes and give them the look you’re looking for.

Colorful chevron.

Here’s an idea: buy yourself a pair of white shoes. Also, any pair of plain color shoes would work just as well if you like the base color. Then get the rest of the supplies: a pair of scissors, waterproof sketch pens and a thick sheet. Cut the sheet in zig zag and use it to draw lines on the shoes. Use a pencil and then darken the lines with the sketch pens.{found on justartstore}.

Diy died paint.

Another interesting idea would be to dip the shoes in paint. For this project, plain white shoes are the best choice. Dip the shoes in paint but only the tips. Then take a cloth and smooth out the color, taking it all the way up to the heel. You’ll get a nice ombre effect.

Shoes touch.

Sometimes a shoe needs a little extra touch of color and pattern to look perfect. For example, take a pair of shoes in a plain color and use painter’s tape to make a few decorative lines. Apply two coats of paint, let it dry and remove the tape. You can also create all sorts of other designs.{found on smallfryblog}.

Geometric paint.

A geometric pattern might also work beautifully. Carve a triangle stamp from a carving block and start placing triangles on the shoes. Start with the main color and then add a little extra color to the design. Don’t forget to wash the stamp before you change colors.{found on site}.