How To Make Green Tea Latte At Home

How To Make Green Tea Latte At Home

If you ever had the chance to enjoy a green tea latte then you know how great it is and you probably wonder if you can make it yourself at home. The answer is yes and it’s actually a relatively simple process.


You’ll need a teaspoon on matcha powder, ¼ cup of boiling water, ¾ cup of plain almond milk but regular milk can work too and honey. These are ingredients you need to make one latte.

Matcha is a highly treasured specialty green tea which comes from Japan and it’s also used in Japanese cooking and baking and in western-style beverages such as this delicious latte.


Here’s how you prepare the latte. Bring water to a boil. Then whisk one tablespoon of matcha powder per serving with ¼ of a cup of boiling water. Allow the powder to dissolve and then mix in the milk. Sweeten with honey or agave to taste.

As you can see, it’s that easy to prepare the recipe. The most difficult part is getting the ingredients and waiting for the latte for be ready.{found on thevintagemixer}.