How To Make Cute Summer Skirts Out Of Unusual Pieces

How To Make Cute Summer Skirts Out Of Unusual Pieces

Making your own clothes is not exactly difficult as long as you focus on simple designs and easy projects. For example, a nice idea would be to make a cute summer dress. You can use an old shirt or make it from scratch. Here are a few ingenious ideas.

Simple Summer Skirt.

For example, you could make a short skirt out of a long one. You just have to cut the skirt to the length you want, iron the folded parts and sew the fabric.{found on site}.

DIY swing skirt from sweaters.

You can also make a colorful skirt out of several sweaters. Cut out a piece of each sweater and make sure they match perfectly. Then sew them together. The fabrics would have to match as well.{found on rockmosaic}.


Similarly, you could make a pair of lovely tight pants out of a pair of loose ones. You would have to chop them up and then reassemble the pieces but it’s actually not that difficult.{found on cottonandcurls}.

Oversized shirt.

You can also turn an oversized shirt into a lovely skirt. Take off the pocket and cut the shape you want. Sew the sides together and add two pieces to make a bow on the front.{found on site}.

Pompom skirt.

With a little patience, you could also make a pompom skirt. You need to make several layers and to choose the right type of fabric but it’s actually not that difficult. You can use elastic band for the waist.{found on abirdsleap}.

On a skirt, the length is extremely important. But don’t alarm yourself if you think that your skirt is too long because that can easily be adjusted. Just take a piece off and then make a nice hem. There are several techniques you can use.{found on byhandlondon}.

An old sweater can easily become a sexy skirt. Here’s what you have to do: cut off the sleeves and cut the top portion off. Sew the ends together and add elastic for the waist. You can also add a little piece of fabric in a different shade for the waist.{found on pearlsandscissors}.

Ruffled skirts can be very cute and they’re not that difficult to make. Use elastic for the waistband and measure where the ruffle needs to be. You can make as many ruffles as you want but too many don’t necessarily make the skirt more beautiful.{found on mollytov}.

Making a skirt from scratch sounds like a lot of work but it’s actually easy if you choose a simple shape. Cut a rectangle out of fabric, trim the edges and then cut the waistband. Stitch the pieces together. Pin together the right sides of the edges of the skirt and sew up the side. Leave room for the zipper.{found on elementalcarbon}.

Lave skirts are very elegant and chic. Making a lace skirt is very similar to what we’ve presented above. The difference is that you’ll most likely have to also use lining. Just cut it to size and sew it to the skirt.{found on abirdsleap}.

Pencil skirts are also very sexy and they require a little more attention because everything has to line up perfectly. So make sure you choose the right shape and that you sew the pieces together carefully.{found on sayyestohoboken}.

This skirt is very cute and beautiful. Here’s how you make it: cut out the fabric and make the pleats. Sew them into place. Sew the side seam and pin the waistband to the skirt. Sew it on and then add the zipper.{found on site}.