How to make an old sweater look great again – 8 fabulous ideas

How to make an old sweater look great again – 8 fabulous ideas

Now that the weather has started to go bad it’s time to take your old sweaters out of the closet and to start wearing them again. It’s often depressing to give up all the fun and cute clothes you’ve been wearing all summer but fall and winter aren’t that bad either. In fact, there are lots of ways in which you can make a piece of clothing such as a sweater look stunning.

Tiny pom-poms.

As you probably already guessed, for this project you’ll need lots of tiny pom-poms which you can either make yourself or buy. Start with the front of the sweater and sew on each individual pom-pom. Do the same thing for the back side.{found on iwearthecanvas}.

Bow in the back.

In this case, you’ll need a sweater that already has a cut-out back. Of course, you can change the designer if you feel confident enough in your sewing skills. The whole idea is to sew on ribbon and to tie the ends in a bow in the middle.{found on lovemaegan}.

Felt decoupage.

Here’s a very lovely sweater that has a French hen sewn on in the front. You can make something similar yourself. First trace the hen onto paper, then onto felt, cut out the shape and sew it on.{found on kittenhood}.

Ribbon tie-neck sweater.

You can easily give a sweater a more elegant and delicate look just by simply tying ribbon around the neck. Fold the ribbon in half and push it through the tiny openings in the sweater. Decide where the bow should be and that’s all.{found on rockinaroundthefrock}.

Cat sweater.

Cats are sweet and cute and funny so who wouldn’t like to have one on their sweater. This is a sweater with a felt design in the front featuring the shape of a cat’s head. All you have to do is cut out the shape and sew onto the sweater.{found on lalafauxbois}.

Basket weaving design.

This project is a little more complicated and it requires you to cut strips out of fabric that has a similar texture and color as the sweater you’re giving a makeover to. You can then weave them any way you want to create a stunning design.{found on trashtocouture}.

Polka dots.

Anything looks cutter with polka dots on. So if you have an old sweater that looks like it’s missing something, it’s probably the polka dots.{found on swellmayde}.

Flowery embellishments.

Here’s what you have to do for this project: find a piece of golden fabric, cut out a strip and then make small squares. Cut out the flowers and sew them onto your sweater.{found on sisters4saymoreismore}.