How to give your old boots a stylish update

How to give your old boots a stylish update

Everyone has a pair of old boots that are still good and comfortable and don’t look that great. It’s easy to get bored with a pair of shoes. But just because you’re not crazy about them anymore doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do. You can easily give your old boots a makeover.

For example, how about you add a little bling to them? You need tulle, bling on a roll, jewelry glue and wax paper. Glue the bling onto the tulle and then wrap it around the boots. Tie into a bow and that’s all.{found on site}.

Usually, breaking a mirror means 7 years of bad luck but that’s not all. You can take advantage of the situation and use the tiny pieces of mirror to make your old boots look great again. Glue the mirror pieces onto the heel and create a mosaic pattern.{found on guapizimo}.

If you prefer a more bohemian look for your boots, then use lace, leather, flowers and feathers. Cut strips of cotton and lace, wrap around the boots and then decorate with feathers and whatever else you like.{found on sheknows}.

If you like glitter then you can use it on shoes in case they look too boring. For example, take a pair of old boots, mix equal parts of mod podge and glitter and start painting. Apply 4 coats.{found on site}.

If the design and material allow you, you could use a marker to give boots a makeover. Create a simple pattern, like the checkers design in the photos. It doesn’t have to look perfect.{found on site}.