How to Decorate for Holidays Without Cluttering Your Home

How to Decorate for Holidays Without Cluttering Your Home

One major holiday season has now passed, but there are still plenty of holidays throughout the rest of the year that allow for home decorating opportunities. You can choose to decorate for lots of little holidays or just a few major ones. But you should always be careful not to clutter your space with all of these decorations and neglect your overall design aesthetic. Here are a few tips to help you keep your space festive for holidays without turning it into a cluttered mess.

Choose a Clear Style.

One way to make your home look more put together when decked out for holidays is to keep a specific style in mind when choosing your decorations. Ideally, the style of holiday decorations would be similar to the style of your home year-round. So if you have a modern aesthetic, your decorations should fit in with that theme. Or if you have particular colors prominent in your room, try to find decorations that match or at least complement the existing ones.

Put Away Other Decorations.

When you’re actually getting out your holiday decorations, try replacing the regular decorations you have on display rather than just adding to them. So if you normally have art hanging on your walls, but you want to hang up some prints for Valentine’s Day next month, try removing your other artwork first and putting it into storage instead of just hanging more around it and cluttering your walls. Then do the same with your shelves and other display areas.

Keep It Simple.

Lastly, don’t worry about covering every square inch of your home in festive décor. Just keep the items out that you really like and that go well with the rest of your décor and only put them in the spaces where they fit well. Don’t stuff every little thing on your walls and furniture. If you need some perspective, take some pictures of your room as a whole and make sure it looks put together and not super messy.

Whatever the holiday or season, adding festive decorations can help you keep your home décor fresh and exciting. But it’s important to not let these decorations take away from the overall look of your home and make it into a festive mess. These tips can help you keep your holiday décor stylish rather than excessive.