How To Decorate A Sweetheart Wedding Table – Inspiring Ideas

How To Decorate A Sweetheart Wedding Table – Inspiring Ideas

There are tons of things you need to take care of before the wedding and most of them have to do with the guests. But what about you guys? The newly weds are actually the most important two persons that day. All the attention is on them which is why sweetheart table actually exist.

The sweetheart table usually faces all the guests and, even though it’s exposed, it does offer the newly weds a chance to spend some time together just the two of them. So don’t overlook this aspect even if you don’t really care how your table looks like. Your guests will definitely notice every little detail.

There are two options when decorating the sweetheart table. You can either match to the rest of the reception décor or you can choose to make it stand out. It’s totally up to you which one of these options to choose.

If you want the table to blend in rather than stand out, then decorate it just like any other table at the wedding, using the same colors, textures, even the same type of centerpieces. You can, of course, customize all these elements a little bit.

If you want the table to be the center of attention, then make it stand out in a classy and elegant way. You can still stay within the same color palette but use stronger tones for this particular table, use a different kind of centerpiece or decorate it with balloons and other accessories.