How to combine colors like a pro to create a beautiful interior décor

How to combine colors like a pro to create a beautiful interior décor

Even though it’s true that some people are naturally gifted when it comes to doing certain things like combining colors and textures and other have a difficult time doing the same thing, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do the job. Even if you don’t have this inherited talent you can still decorate your home beautifully without the help of an expert. You just have to follow a few tips.

Plan the atmosphere you wish to create.

Before you start to choose colors and to combine them you have to decide on what type of décor you want to create for that specific space. The atmosphere is very important so think of what you want to feel when you walk into that room. If it’s a bedroom then you’ll probably want the atmosphere to be calm and relaxing. For the living room you’ll want something more dynamic. Also, think of the function of the room. Here are a few examples of colors and combos: black and white for a classical look, pastels for a relaxing mood, bold shades for a vibrant atmosphere.

Use the 60-30-10 rule.

What this rule does is basically telling you how much of a color to use for the overall décor. the idea is to choose three colors that you wish to use for the décor. One of them will be the main color and you’ll use it for 60% of the décor. Usually this is the color used for the walls. Then there’s the secondary color that will be used for 30% of the décor and which is usually used for the furniture or other larger features. The third color will only be used for 10% of the décor and you’ll use it for accent features such as accessories, artwork, area rugs, throw pillows, etc.

Let the nature inspire you.

Choosing the color for your décor is not a scientific process and sometimes you have to go outside to take some inspiration from nature. Let the landscape tell you what to choose. Look at the color and see decide what you would like to bring inside.


Sometimes going back in time can be useful as well. If you’re not sure which color schemes you should use for your home then maybe you could take a look at some of the trends and styles and let them inspire you. For example, some styles have unique color combinations that define them and you could use those for your home as well.