How To Choose Your Bouquet for A fall Wedding – 30 Beautiful Ideas

How To Choose Your Bouquet for A fall Wedding – 30 Beautiful Ideas

Fall weddings are, by definition, very romantic. It’s because of the atmosphere created by all the earthy colors and by the weather. Fall weddings usually borrow all these beautiful shades. They are incorporated into everything: wedding favors, décor, cake and especially in the bouquet. It’s a great opportunity to explore all the marvelous colors that autumn offers and to capture them into one stunning bouquet.

If you want to keep the cost under control you should choose seasonal flowers. It’s also the perfect opportunity to include colors such as red, orange, yellow and brown. Of course, a little green makes the bouquet pop and gives it a vibrant look. As for the flowers, you can use the timeless roses in pale shades, orchids and all the seasonal plants you like. You can either have a fresh bouquet or one made of dried flowers.

Besides the flowers you can also incorporate other elements in bouquet as well, elements such as wheatears, leaves, pinecones or succulents. Pay special attention to the way the bouquet is presented because it can either bring everything together or ruin the whole arrangement. A fall wedding bouquet could look like wrapped in burlap or with a yellow or red ribbon.

Usually, it’s best to mix colors to create a harmonious bouquet but you can also focus on a single color. You can pick a color and use different shades. For example, orange is a common shade and there are plenty of orange fall flowers and plants. Also, it’s a nice opportunity to also integrate some tiny faux pumpkins into the mix.

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