How To Choose The Right Lipstick Shade

How To Choose The Right Lipstick Shade

Finding the right lipstick shade for you is not as easy as it might seem, you can’t just pick the color that you like best. It needs to also look good on you. It’s why you need to take into consideration a series of factors before buying your lipstick.

The skin tone.

It’s very important to take into consideration your skin tone when buying your lipstick. Determining your skin tone is quite easy but if you’re having trouble with this you can always ask a worker at a makeup shop.

Fair skin.

The majority of people have fair skin and this makes it difficult to wear certain colors. The lipstick shades that would look good on you are coral reds and pinks. Try to avoid dark lipstick colors as it may not flatter you as much as you’d want to.
Medium skin.

For those of you with medium or olive skin, the best lipstick colors are those that make you look tanned and that balance out the skin tone. You could wear darker pinks and cranberry shades as well as bright reds.
Dark skin.

Dark skin can be difficult to work with in terms of makeup. If you wish to bring out the lips you can try wearing bronze color lipstick. You can also try reds, burgundy and brown tones as they will look good on you as well.
The hair color.

The color of the skin is not the only important one. The color of your hair counts as well so when you dye your hair or need to also reconsider the lipstick colors. For bright red hair we’d recommend a bright red lipstick. For those with darker hair, shades of lighter pink can work beautifully.