How to Accentuate Your Ceilings

How to Accentuate Your Ceilings

If a ceiling in one of your rooms is worth being in the limelight or you just want to add some flair to your bland ceilings, there are ways to highlight them. Here are some tips to make your ceiling the focal point of the room and why this is a great décor trend.

Fixated on Style.

While you’re decorating your room, focusing on upholstery and accessories, you might completely ignore your ceilings. Well, don’t. They can become the central focus of the room, elevating your décor to the stylish category easily. The simplest way to accentuate your ceilings is to install a beautiful, eye-catching ceiling light – and don’t be afraid of making it a large one!

Give Tray Ceiling a Try.

Tray ceiling is an inverted-shaped ceiling that is a great way to give your ceiling a new look. This shape also allows you to install attractive lighting to highlight the ceiling shape. It provides a glow and dimension to the room while boosting your décor.

Floating Ceiling.

You might not think of your ceiling as the spot to hang your favorite framed photos, but it very well could be used for this purpose! You could dangle special pictures from the ceiling so that they can be seen when you’re lounging on the sofa or bed. Another idea is to suspend part of the ceiling with the use of steel ropes and hang your prized mementos on this floating ceiling board, without overwhelming the entire room.

Drop the Ceiling.

Another way to emphasise your ceiling is to install a suspended ceiling and highlight it with colorful lights placed above it. This is especially a good idea in a room where you want to direct the suspended ceiling over something of importance, such as a dining room table or a kitchen island. In this way, the highlighted ceiling both becomes a center of attention and it directs attention to something you want to accentuate in the room.

Art Above the Light

Accentuating your light fixture can be a great way to draw attention upwards. You can do this by stencilling a pattern on the ceiling around the light fixture. It’s an easy way to add some design flair to your space, especially if your light fixture is not the trendiest of ones. Say hello to instant glamour!