How Leather Straps Can Be Used In Creative Home Projects

How Leather Straps Can Be Used In Creative Home Projects

There are so many ways in which you can repurpose items and so many great projects you can create using simple things. For example, have you ever thought of using leather straps in home projects? They can be incredibly versatile and useful.

For example, you can use two old leather belts to hold your fireplace wood tight and organized. It’s not only practical but also quite stylish.

How about a shelf on which to store your newspapers and magazines? It’s always nice to not have clutter around the house.

A round clock and a leather belt can be beautifully combined and you can come up with an ingenious hanging system.

Leather straps are also very useful for shelves. It would be mostly decorative but it also has a practical side to it.

Here’s a very interesting use for leather straps. Use them to create a unique hanging system for your chandelier.

Another interesting idea is to weave a basket in which to hang a planter. It will definitely become an interesting conversation piece.

Similar to the wall clock, this mirror is round and the leather strap fits perfectly around it.