Hot Trend: Wrapped Furniture

Hot Trend: Wrapped Furniture

Furniture that is wrapped in materials adds effortless style to your home. It can also be a creative way to display furniture or breathe new life into old pieces. Here are some wrapped furniture ideas to try.

Slip into Style.

Slip covers on furniture, such as chairs, are not only a good tip to protect your prized pieces from stains or damage, but they also look good. Slip covers are an easy way to create a new look with your furniture without having to replace them.

Cool Yet Trendy Linen.

Linen is a great material to use in your décor because it freshens up the room, feels light, and can work with various styles. For instance, white linen looks splendid in a beach-inspired and romantic room. It works with modern and traditional atmospheres, too. Covering an item, such as a coffee table, with linen gives it a personal yet creative statement.

Leather Creates a New Look.

Leather can be strong yet warm in your living space. It is certainly not restricted to the sofa anymore. Wrapping a piece of furniture in leather can provide an edgy, masculine look to a room. However, it also can work well in an oriental-inspired space. Antique leather takes the idea one step further, offering vintage interest.

Silver Dreams.

You can also cover your furniture in sheets of silver. As can be seen in the image above, the silver armoire and chair complement the red on the walls nicely, and their texture creates a wash of intrigue.

Open Art.

A door in a wall that leads from one room to the other can be the perfect place to add a bit of décor flair. Cover a padded door with leather or vinyl so that it looks as though it is a piece of art on the wall.

Soft Touch.

Silk covered items in the home can provide a touch of luxury. Silk is also strong and smooth, and can be dyed with various colors or patterns, making it versatile as well as sophisticated. If looked after, silk is a sustainable material that will last for many years.

Velvet Envy.

Velvet is another soft touch to the home. It can be exquisite in a traditional design and made to look very plush. However, more subtle displays of velvet can also be great. In the bedroom, covering the box spring of the bed with velvet gives it rich character. Matching this velvet to the rest of the room’s décor is a clever way to create design unity.

Hanging Charm.

A chandelier might be the last thing you consider to cover, but this can be a trendy idea. In the above image, the chandelier has a white string fabric shade over it that contributes to its overall elegance. A vibrant fabric cover can also bring color to the room.

All the Frills.

Lace is a stylish item of décor for the home this year. If you don’t have anything in lace, then bring some flair to your surroundings with a lace cover for an item of furniture. Although lace can be too feminine if used in large amounts, a subtle slick of it can be romantic and classy, such as when used as a bed canopy.

See Wool in a New Way.

Wool covering for furniture can change how you perceive this material. It can be sensual for furniture in the home, adding lovely texture to plain backgrounds.

Give it a Unique Spin

Wool is also a great way for you to get creative! Upcycle your old woollen jersey into pot covers for small pants to create fashionable art.