Hot, Hot, Hot Dorm Rooms: Red & Orange Inspiration

Hot, Hot, Hot Dorm Rooms: Red & Orange Inspiration

The kids are about to head off for college and there’s no way you’ll be sending them away from home to a dull and bleak dorm room! Plan with your undergrads and help them create something stylish and inspired, even if they have to share it with a weird, messy roommate. At least their side of the room will be fashion-worthy and hot … hot … hot. We’re looking at some amazing examples of dorm rooms and ideas taken to a vivacious, bold level of vibrancy using dramatic reds and oranges of course. Take a peek!!

When you’re decorating with such bold, vibrant colors it’s natural to want to go head-over-heels with design. But, unfortunately, in a dorm room, it’s rather hard! Sometimes you can’t even bring in any of your own furniture … not even a desk chair since they provide you with a standard, boring piece. For those lucky few who can though, make it funky and fun! Use different shapes in your favorite vibrant colors to fill your small and quaint room.

One area you can go head-over-heels with style and personality is with your bedding. Whether it’s a twin or twin extra long, you’ll still be able to jazz up your bed with fun blankets, pillows and even a tapestry! Use classic prints, geometric designs and bouts and bouts of hot reds and oranges to really set off your side of the room.

And please don’t forget the curtains. With reds and oranges you’ll not only use the natural light to brighten these shades, but this lightness will keep you awake and ready to study the day, and night, away when finals comes around. It’ll definitely bed a red hot or spicy orange nook to create, explore, inspire and, of course, learn in!

Then, top off the room with some personal nick-knacks. You probably won’t be able to paint the walls and you’ll need art, posters and do-dads to personalize and style the area.  Fill your area with things that inspire you. From eclectic piggy banks to DIY projects that use the most amazing shades of the sunset, this is where you’re going to get your style genre down. If you’re inspired by these dramatic, bold and hot tones then don’t be afraid to sprinkle the entire dorm in them. Just make sure what you choose, reflects you and makes you happy.