Home Decor Colors Inspired By Vacation

Home Decor Colors Inspired By Vacation

Smooth ocean blues and the silvers of the city, what if you used your most fun family memories as inspiration for decorating the home. We all love vacation. We relax, we explore and we create lots of memorable moments. So, take from those memories and use them to color the house. We’ve rounded up some amazing tones that scream holidays in the sun and European adventures, take a look and become inspired.

1. Sandy Camel.

The sand on the beach or the colors of a beautiful, tropical villa, sandy camel tones are refreshing yet subtle and simple. They look great in open spaces and make rooms look bigger and softer. It’s easy to use this tone as a base for lots of different themes, including adding vivacious and bright colors you’d see on an island!

2. Forest Green.

Taking a trip to the mountains? Looking for a grizzly bear? Hiking a trail to the top of a beautiful, mountain peek? As a child, one of my favorite vacations was going and exploring the forests of Yellow Stone National Park and when I think forest green all of those memories come rolling back. It’s warm and comfy, perfect for a family room or foyer!

3. Sunset Yellow.

Whether you’re on a lake, in your hotel robes on the balcony or grabbing a coffee in the city, wherever you are on vacation, watching the sunset is always a part of the itinerary. This shade is the perfect escape for a guest bathroom or accent to the kitchen! It’s also a funky color to make part of your home office.

4.Rainy Gray.

You could be visiting Seattle and taking a food tour or you’ve been whisked away to London to see Buckingham Palace. Either way, sometimes rain and clouds are a big reason to visit an area. Not all vacation is about fun in the sun! So, remember those chilly, crisp days by adding some of this romantic, relaxing gray around your home.

5.Grecian Aqua.

The tops of the houses on the coast of Greece are inspiring and absolutely, once-in-a-lifetime gorgeous. The crisp ivories of the buildings next to the water and mountain caps feels like a fairy-tale. Bring a bit of that life home with you by sprinkling some of that Grecian aqua around the house, from the front door to the patio!