Hair Myths You Have To Stop Believing

Hair Myths You Have To Stop Believing

You know how people always say that if you trim your hair regularly it grows faster and longer? It turns out that’s just one of the many ridiculous hair myths people still believe, even though science and logic tells us they’re not true. Another false myth is the fact that using the same shampoo all the time lessens its effect. Don’t pay attention to this rumor. Just find a shampoo that’s good for your hair and stick with it.

You’re probably also heard people say that if you pluck your gray hairs, more will grow. Obviously, this is not true but you should avoid plucking hairs regardless because it can irritate the folicle and lead to unhealthy hair.

If you ask someone how they wash their hair they’ll say the shampoo, rinse and repeat, just like the bottle says. As it turns out, not only that this is a false impression but it’s actually bad for the hair. It’s not ok to over-shampoo your hair unless you really have to. Let’s finalize with one of the most annoying hair myths ever. It’s not good for your hair to brush it 100 strokes per night even if all the Disney princesses do it. This will damage the hair irreparably. These are just a few of the many hair myths people all over the world believe without doing some research to see if they’re actually true. Hopefully, at some point they’ll forget all about it.

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